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20 years, computer support engineer. Graduated 1993 Durham Univiersity Bsc Hons Computer Science.


11 Errors detected!  Error fix is required.  Error report, Drive C initializing error…..and so on. Absolute rubbish.  You have been infected with some Malware – nasty little programs with fake messages, that can hijack you internet usage and be a … Continue reading

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Facebook set itself to non-secure browsing!

ATTENTION!!! FaceBook has automatically set itself to the Non-Secure browsing setting! Change it back to https secure! While on FaceBook, look at your URL address (the very top box on your screen.) If u see “http:” instead of “https:” then … Continue reading

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Apple Mac Support

BCS has now opened a new wing of it’s business.  We now offer support to Apple Mac users.  We’ve purchased a suite of Apple Systems, and the staff are now following training guides to learn to fix Apple Mac. We’ve given … Continue reading

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Unable to change target for My Documents

This happens if the DisablePersonalDirChange policy setting exists. For stand-alone systems, to get back the missing buttons, open Regedit and navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ Explorer In the right-pane, delete the … Continue reading

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Following an upgrade of our computer systems and review of our records we have investigated your payments and latest tax returns over the last seven years our calculations show that you have made over payments

If you have the email below – ignore it! Delete it straight away.  It is designed to capture information from you, or to infect your PC… ================== Dear Applicant: Following an upgrade of our computer systems and review of our … Continue reading

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Stuck on DMI

Black boot up screen, stuck on “DMI” error.  No safe mode, no Recovery Disk, no choice.  Popped the disk into the work bench repair PC, backed up as much of the 60Gb of data possible. Full wipe and reinstall!  Benefits … Continue reading

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Twitter for twits?

Twitter – is it just me, or is the clue in the name? Twits? So many cricketers, footballers, rugby players venting reactions, getting into trouble. You are now also liable to be sued for saying what you mean! Advice – … Continue reading

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ADSL Issues

I’ve just got back from visiting a customer suffering with no broadband or adsl.  The office had moved from upstairs to downstairs and the router was relocated to an existing socket in that room.  Having tried a few configuration issues … Continue reading

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Groupmail v5 Software

Just received all the business cards from the Best Of Bristol Show 2011.  The Bristol Breakfast Networking group rented a stand, and several team members manned the stand throughout the day. Now just entering the addresses into Groupmail.  With a … Continue reading

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Out with the nasty BT 2Wire and in with N Series 150 Netgear Router

Just replaced a nasty BT 2 Wire Router.  It was failing, dropping the connection time after time.  The WiFi key was really complicated and was just not happy with the standard WPA2 key setup the customer wanted. Replaced the unit … Continue reading

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