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20 years, computer support engineer. Graduated 1993 Durham Univiersity Bsc Hons Computer Science.

Remote Support Abroad

Using a cloud based remote control tool,, I was able today to remote control into a customer’s netbook.  They needed a few things fixed, including Skype.  They were in a cybercafe in Bangkok, Thailand! If you need support, we … Continue reading

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Protecting the kids from the internet

Protect kids from adult sites, allow home work time, children protected from the net. Continue reading

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Free Backup Software

Just had an issue with a customer using Windows Mail 7.  No backup, of anything, but they had a drive - empty.  Found GFI Home Backup online – free for non commercial use.  Installed it, looks good.  Seems to do the … Continue reading

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Broadband speed issues

Another simple, yet important change to speed up a customer’s broadband connection.  Indeed, prior to this change, the router was losing signal from the TalkTalk provider.  The office is based in Cothem Hill, in Clifton/Redland Bristol. The office is based … Continue reading

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Error same IP address as another network card.

A PC had failed – major meltdown to the CPU.  I moved the hard drive over to the new setup, and installed the new drivers.  It worked, the operating system was Windows XP Pro.  Start – Run – CMD set … Continue reading

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code 66a kb2446708

a) Click on Start and click on Control panel. b) Go to Program and Features. c) Scroll down to Microsoft.Net Framework 4 Client Profile, right click it. d) It will give you a choice of Uninstall/Change, click it. e) Then, … Continue reading

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Wifi not reaching the room you need it in?

Many customers over the years have had to suffer poor coverage with Wifi.  Many Bristol houses are thick walled Wifi dead zones.  We used to end up setting multiple wifi zones, drilling and laying cables to enable wireless access points.  … Continue reading

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The Print Spooler service terminated unexpectedly. It has done this x time(s).

1. sfc /scannow 2. Check registry key [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Print\PostSPUpgrade] for entries. If there are any entries in printer drivers, delete them. It may be one of those causing the issue.  3. reinstall the latest service pack and windows updates. (I didn’t … Continue reading

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Fingerprint nightmare

For several years a customer used their HP Pavilian dv2000 – using the fingerprint device to logon.  Suddenly one day, the system would not boot up.  No safemode, nothing.  So the next option is to carry out a repair using … Continue reading

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Employees Breaking PCs and Mobiles

According to Mozy Research of 3000 employees, 25% deliberately damage work laptops and mobile phones to get an equipment upgrade!! Anyone whose home computer was newer than their work computer was twice as likely to resort to damaging their PC … Continue reading

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