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Beware: Email going around with “PayPal Notice” as the subject – please delete it

There is a nasty bit of email going around (see below, I’ve pasted it as plain text so as to lose all the links that are bad)…. It’s a con, a nasty and you should just delete it. ¬†It’s a … Continue reading

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New customer and new WiFi network extended!

Great new customer on board – Social Betty, a PR Company based in Saltford, nr Bristol. An excellent company and we hope to keep fixing their PCs, MACs, networks and printers for a long time. One of the offices was … Continue reading

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Client Caught with Cryptovirus

What a nasty bit of code. ¬†Client clicked on an attachment or link and that was it. It was awful to get rid of, eventually with a combination of tools, we managed to clear it off….but and it is a … Continue reading

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