Assisted with Computer System Merger

A customer has spent some time negotiating to buy out a competing business.  After a successful purchase, BCS were called in to merge the computer systems.  We did an audit, and carried out a thorough process of gaining access the all the new PCs and Servers.  Data was transferred and removed from the old system.  After a backup, we went through and made sure the existing backups were purged of the “sold” data.  The new owner did not want to leave any data behind.

We removed the hardware and licences back to site, and helped resetup a client database.  Specialist hardware, such as X-Ray kit was disconnected and relocated.  Most of this is PC driven.  BCS made sure the remaining hardware would support the business that was staying put, while protecting the interests of the purchaser by making sure any CRM’s or databases were removed.

We have also advised on the transfer of the email and domain name.

BCS helping customers sometimes in exceptional circumstances.  We were able to help with the technical aspect, while the customer got on with the business side.

Matt Clark, Bristol Computer Support Limited, Jan 2011.  0117 9424433

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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.
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