What is Facebook…?

A job today was with a client who just needed some help understanding a bit more about the internet.

They had been told to get on that facebook thing, but no-one had explained, in English, why and what it could do for them. 

It’s for sharing photos, news, things you have found on the internet, and gathering your friends around you.  Not necessarily friends you see everyday, but people who have moved away, abroad, distant cousins, family, old friends etc.  They share what they are upto and so do you.  Indeed many people search for long lost friends on facebook every now and then.  You don’t have to accept friendships, or divulge anything you don’t want.  Find a nice place to eat, tell your friends?  Running a open BBQ, tell your friends, or select just a few, and publish the photos after for them….it’s easy to use – all the options are on the webpage, and more are added all the time.  You can now text chat online with Facebook – all for FREE.

Safety first though, NEVER say you are going away in advance, or give too much personal information away, and always mark you profile down as private, only for you friends.  I change my date of birth, just to make it slightly harder for ID fraudsters.

Other than that, it can be great fun.  

Skype can be more useful for talking or videoing with friends in different timezones, or different parts of the UK.  If you have mobility issues – Facebook, Skype, MSN are all tools that can really help communicate – without leaving your PC.

But if you don’t find it useful, then delete your profile, but at least you’ve had a look and a play, and learnt what you might be missing.

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