Twitter for twits?

Twitter – is it just me, or is the clue in the name? Twits? So many cricketers, footballers, rugby players venting reactions, getting into trouble. You are now also liable to be sued for saying what you mean!

Advice – when you write ANY email, tweet, article, blog entry….make sure it’s legal, fair, accurate and you have the proof.  If fact, don’t say anything controversal.  Most of us assume with twitter that it is just a verbal outburst, forgotten in the millions of messages on the web. Not so.  These messages are cached and logged for all to see.  It is as good as writing a letter to the public about someone or some company.

Sourced from various sites on the internet……

ROCKER Courtney Love will become the first person to be sued over Twitter comments.  The Hole singer, 46, made disparaging remarks about fashion designer Dawn ­Simorangkir.

Tom writes in to alert us that a woman in Chicago has been sued over a Twitter message. The message she put on Twitter read:

“Who said sleeping in a moldy apartment was bad for you? Horizon realty thinks it’s okay.”  Horizon is a sue first kind of company.

MINNEAPOLIS — An NBA referee has sued The Associated Press and one of its sports writers over a Twitter message suggesting he intentionally made a bad call to make up for a previous bad call that went against the other team.

Australian swimming star Stephanie Rice and England cricketer Kevin Pietersen are the latest in a growing line of high profile sporting stars to get into serious trouble over Tweets. 

Stephanie Rice the girlfriend of Wallaby first five eigth Quade Cooper tweeted in delight after the weekends outstanding last minute win over the Springboks. Her choice of words? ”Suck on that faggots!”

Kevin Pietersen after finding out he was dropped from the current England limited overs squad, decided to share with twitter what a “f**k up” the whole thing was. Apart from the language the official announcement hadn’t been made yet.

Liverpool FC’s Ryan Babel is the latest, but not the first, English premiership star to Tweet his way into trouble.

The Liverpool forward courted controversy on social networking site Twitter, with a derogatory posting about referee Howard Webb, who controlled the FA Cup match with Manchester United.

Howard Webb targetted after United win.  The Tweet featured a mocked-up picture of Webb wearing a Manchester United shirt, in reference to perceived bias during the game. In particular, a controversial penalty awarded to Manchester United, which ultimately decided the game, raised the ire of the Liverpool players. Babel has since admitted a charge of improper conduct.

It is not the first time Babel has landed himself in trouble on Twitter, having criticized former manager Raphael Benitez for dropping him, and also announcing, on Twitter, that the Dutch team were banned from using the site during the World cup.

England’s rugby manager Martin Johnson has warned, reports The Guardian, that a player’s tweeting mistake could mean the end of his career.

In the United States, Milwaukee Buck’s Charlie Villanueva was reprimanded for a tweet in 2009, but not for the content so much as for the timing; it was during half time of a game.

and so on…

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