Broadband speed issues

Another simple, yet important change to speed up a customer’s broadband connection.  Indeed, prior to this change, the router was losing signal from the TalkTalk provider.  The office is based in Cothem Hill, in Clifton/Redland Bristol.

The office is based in an old Victorian / Georgian property.  The main ADSL phone line had a splitter and a then a filter in one socket, and a long phone cable, linked to another filter in the other.  The router was in this filter half way across the office.

I removed the splitter, the extension lead and relocated the router near the phone line.  I doubled the broadband speeds.  Fantastic.

We are going to replace the old router with a new N Series router and Dongle on the PC downstairs, and with twice the speed, a better wireless single, all will be well.

Matthew Clark, Bristol Computer Support Engineer, 01179 424433.

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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.
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