Wifi working on iPhones, but not on new PC

The customer this morning could connect their phones to the Wifi at the end of the warehouse, but the new PC, with a low cost wifi card could not even see the wifi name.  Strange one.  My laptop also could not see the network, but my phone could?!?!  Why could my iPhone do what my laptop could not?

I refocused my attention onto the router, which was a Netgear.  There were many other wifi networks I could see, so I thought that perhaps there was conflicts – so I clicked the option to “rescan” which I think lets the Netgear choose it’s best channel.  The channel is a different frequency, used to allow several networks to overlap.  Result, two signal bars and problem resolved!

I think the phones could see the network because perhaps they could only see the “B” grade, not the “G” whereas the PCs were trying only for G?  Guessing really, so if anyone else knows why, please comment.

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