This data was last used with version of Sage Accounts. You are currently using version

So I send my Sage Accounts 2011 accounts backup file off to my accountant.  As far as I know, I had always updated the program.  I got it back, year end finished, looked at few things, then closed it down.

Next thing I know, I run it, login and there is an error “This data was last used with version of Sage Accounts.  You are currently using version  You must update this version of Sage Accounts before accessing the data.

Would you like to check for updates now?” … I click on the Yes button results in: “There are no new updates”.

How annoying.  Why no new updates?  Someone else has updated, why not me?  Where do I get this update?  It’s 6:30pm on a Friday, no support number will be answered at this time.  Will let you know when I find out, but if you know, please

Just connected withe website.  Created my login, and I still cannot download a thing!  My “please select” dropdown menu has nothing within it!  Help!!!  Will call them Monday I think.  Refuse to give up, there must be a way!

SOLUTION:  Just flipped myself into Google Chrome Browser, logged in and the drop down worked!!  Chose Instant Accounts 2011, straight into the downloads section and there it was – update number 3!  Installed and I am back in business!  Combinaton of Sage and Microsoft trying to mess around with my weekend!

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