Thomson 585 Router – Cannot Change Default Gateway on DHCP

This was a really annoying issue.  The router is setup on the address and has the DHCP range all setup, with gateway  I needed to change the IP address of the router, and therefore I needed to change the DHCP range and the Gateway the DHCP gave out.  There was no menu option, nothing to click on to change it…hence the following solution.  Having already changed the IP address of the router, I did the following:

(1)  Backup the config.  Make a copy to edit.
(2)  Edit the new config file in Notepad
(3)  Find the gateway address and change it to
(4)  Save the new config file
(5)  Restore the new config file.  The original should be kept incase you ever need it.
(6)  Check the settings – you will see the information changed.

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