Ways to market your business online, for FREE

At Bristol Computer Support, we’ve been configuring our “internet marketing” since the beginning…here are 4 simple ideas on what you can do to advertise/market your business or products.  All are FREE.  In no order of importance…

1.  Facebook   https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Bristol-Computer-Support/177516578999025

2.  Google place page http://tinyurl.com/3pdg8xu

3.  Linkedin http://www.linkedin.com/in/bristolcomputersupport

4.  Bristol Computer Support Blog http://www.bristol-computer-support.co.uk/bristolcomputersupportblog/

These are just a few simple ideas that have really helped us market ourselves.  The blog was the hardest to setup, but you could get your web designer to configure it initially.  Everything above is FREE. Once setup, it’s important to keep updating them, with new articles, reviews and expert information.

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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.
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