How to link your ipad to Exchange Server

Just finished helping a customer, based in central Bristol, link their new iPad to their work email system.  As with many customers, it was easy to link the iPad to their home POP3 type email, but not so with Exchange SBS.  This customer had been trying to get their IT company to link it up for 2 years!

Using our knowledge of the internet, domain names and exchange, we setup the iPad to synchronise Calendar, Email and Contacts, plus gave the customer a brief “what to do” with their iPad and iPhone.

You need a domain name, such as setup to link to your external IP address.
Open up the ports needed to your Exchange Server.  These ports are the same ones needs for Outlook Web Access.
Add the Exchange email on the iPad using the Wizard.
Username and password is the same one you login with in the morning on your PC.
Domain is the local domain – eq company.local

You may need to rerun the connect to the internet wizard on the server, using the domain name above.  If you have a dynamic (changing) external IP address, you may need to enrol on a system such as dyndns.

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