Setup was unable to create a new system sbs 2011

Setting up a new ML150 G6, 3 x 500Gb Sata Drives, 24Gb.
(1)  I built the server, adding all the hardware I needed, 24Gb of Ram, 3 x 500Gb Hard Drives
(2)  In the BIOS (F10) – I enabled the RAID mode of the HP Smart Array B110i Sata Raid Controller.  Without it there is no way you can mirror.  This controller only supports mirroring and basic (no parity for fault tolerance) striping.
(3)  Boot from the HP Config CD – it’s the best way to setup the RAID.  I want a 500Gb mirrored, and the remaining 500Gb as a standalone.
(4)  Having setup the Logical Partition, I boot from the SBS 2011 DVD
(5)  VERY IMPORTANT.  Download the driver for the B11oi and put it onto a usb stick.  Place the stick in when you need to upload a driver.  You will find SBS 2011 does not recognise the B11oi by default.  Remove the USB stick as soon as the driver has been loaded.  Otherwise you will get the error..

“Setup was unable to create a new system partition”

(6)  Continue unstalling SBS 2011

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