UPS salvidged and installed

You cannot beat the quality of a good APC Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).  I was given a SUA1500 unit, and all that was wrong was that the batteries had worn out.  These batteries last about 3 years or so, and they need replacing.  So I replaced the batteries and had a great working UPS.

The software is free from APC – for a 5 device Server, Agent and Console.  The server and agent handle the event logs, the console deals with the configuration.  The software fully supports the SUA1500, and it plots the power outages, the dips, the spikes and it will shutdown the services and the server should there be a long time without power.

Having setup the UPS with a customer, heavily discounted, the unit is now out there protecting their main server.

The software can be found here…

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