Failed 80Gb Hard Drive

New customer called today – the dreaded blue screen of death. The actual issue was blue screen of death, with no bootable devices detected. Backups are so important. The system would not boot into Safemode, and my bootable toolkit could not see the drive – it just hung. The workshop computer tried to see the drive, but it also hung up. Short of sending the drive away for £200 plus platter rebuilding (where they try to recreate your drive and recover your data) all I can do it install another drive and set the PC up again from scratch.

The moral is – backup your data. BCS offer a free service of 2048mb online backup as part of a site visit or we sell low cost small removable/mobile drives.

Regretably I will have to phone my customer and let then know the bad news now….

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  1. mclark says:

    Reported the fault to a data recovery expert. The drive does not click, and it is recognised in the bios. This means it could be firmware and may well be repairable.

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