Strange Exchange Server Setup

Just taken on a new customer and found the strangest Exchange Server and client Outlook setup!

They had a 2003 Small Business Server running Exchange.  There were several POP3 connectors setup, one for each user.  None of them worked!  The passwords had long since changed and the POP3 connectors were just failing at logging in.  Someone had setup each PC with a POP3 account, and so each machine was downloading email, and then filling up the Exchange mailbox.

So what happened?  Well the hosting company email server placed them on the blacklist!  Of course it did, it had about 8 accounts unable to login properly!!

So I removed all the POP3 accounts from the Outlook clients, got the correct passwords from the hosting company and got the Exchange 2003 connectors working.  I also uploaded some of the users “personal folders” into the Exchange Server as they were using those instead of Exchange.  It was as if the person who installed the SBS server did not know what they were doing.

I opened up the required ports on the firewall, allowing Outlook Web Access, VPN tunnels and iPhone/iPad access.  Just need to get static IP address now, and then allocate a subdomain and we can get them using their iPhones.

Matt Clark, owner Bristol Computer Support.  0117 9424433

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