Low cost way of extending your WiFI Network

I have just had a look and a play with a TP-Link 150Mbps Wireless Access Point…

…it does various things, but the main item I want to pick on here is the way you can set it to be a “repeater” .

You may have a typical WiFi zone, called “HOUSE” and it reaches almost everywhere you want it to go, but not quite.  Place the TP-Link Access Point within the WiFi, but near your “weak area”, and if set in repeater mode – it will boost the network into that area of your house of office.  “HOUSE” will be boosted and will accessible from that deep corner!

Tested it, it works.  All it needs is a power socket – and it even comes with it’s own Power Other Ethernet converter.  Make up a long network from the power socket and you can place the TP-Link anywhere you like.

….if you struggle to set this up, or if you want a professional to do it for you…

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