Chargers / Transformers for sale

It can be a real pain to replace a failed laptop charger, or blown transformer for a router. The list below is our stock of used kit – £6 plus postage, including VAT.

QTY Description Part Number Type Cost
1 Dell Charger PA-1650-05D DC 19.5V and 3.34A Laptop Charger £5
1 Toshiba G71C00049510 DC 15V and 5A Laptop Charger £5
1 Fujitsu Siemens ADP-65HB AD 20V and 3.25A Laptop Charger £5
1 Netgear PWR-002-008 12V and 1.2A Router/Switch £5
1 HP 409843-001 18.5V and 3.5A Laptop Charger £5

If you require a unit, please email “” and we can arrange delivery.

More inventory to follow.

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