Beware of Microsoft phone scam!

Please beware.  There is still a persistance of a scam from groups of fraudsters who actually phone you.  They get hold of your number and then they call you to con you out of money or control of your PC.  They say that they are from Microsoft, or from Windows.  They tell you that your PC has problems and errors.  The people are sometimes subtle, sometimes agressive and they will ask to put commands into your PC.  They tell you to do “start – run – eventvwr”.  There are always errors and issues in this log, but do not be alarmed, it is as it should be.  Hang up.  Keep hanging up, threaten to report them.  If you are worried – then call a PC support company, such as Bristol Computer Support Limited.

Microsoft or “Windows” (when their english is poor) will never phone you.  NEVER let someone bully you to type anything into your PC. Even if the other party is friendly and quiet spoken, do not type in anything they say.  Two things will happen – either they gain a foothold in your PC, gathering ID information for ID theft, or they remote control to your PC, or they take money from your credit card to “fix” a problem that is not there!

This same issue happened just today, and my customer informed them that they had IT support.  Eventually they slammed the phone down after some very underhand tactics and rude comments.
Telephone Bristol:  01179 424433

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