Small Business Server 2008 – How to Change Mailbox Rights

I wanted to allow other users full access to an email account “info”.  This is a generic account shared by a few users.  In SBS 2003, it was a simple click on the user in Active Directory, and edit a property.  In Small Business Server 2008 (or Exchange Server 2007) it’s a little more complicated…first go to the Exchange Management Console (Start – Programs – Exchange 2007).  Click on the EMC…then paste the following command into the free text console.

Add-MailboxPermission -Identity “Info” -User JoeBloggs -Accessright Fullaccess -InheritanceType all <ENTER>

Change the usernames as you like.  In the example above I am adding JoeBloggs to have rights to the Info account.  You can use the cursor keys to move back to allow you to edit the command.

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  1. mclark says:

    The rights that you can allocate are as follows. In my example I used FullAccess.

    * FullAccess
    * SendAs
    * ExternalAccount
    * DeleteItem
    * ReadPermission
    * ChangePermission
    * ChangeOwner

    Matthew Clark
    Bristol PC Repair and Computer Support

  2. Jim Robinson says:

    Great, thanks….just installed a new SBS 2008 server and this solved my problem straight away.

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