Specialised Computer Support to Bristol Dental Practices

BCS currently supports two large dental practices based in different Bristol locations.  We understand Exact, Examine Pro and Guru based systems supplied by SOE (Software of Excellence).

Recently BCS replaced an old Dell server with a new one, working out of hours so as to avoid the practice any disruption.  We backed up the Exact database, exported all the office email and data, before integrating the new server.  By Monday morning opening the system was fully running on the new Server.

At another dental practice this week, I replace 3 PCs.  Two of them were located in the dental surgeries, and one for the dental practice manager.  All were installed with Windows 7 64 bit Pro.  One of the PCs had to be small to fit into a cupboard out of site.  This keeps the surgery clean and looking uncluttered.

BCS also wired the surgeries with multiple screens.  The dentist uses these screens to display X-Rays and other dental information.  For long operations in the chair, they can also be used to play a film or news, to make the process go a little easier!

If you are a dentist or practice manager in Bristol, looking for some IT support for the clinic, please call or email for a free chat/audit.

07966 497090 or -01179 42 44 33

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