Phone Specialist – Nokia to iPhone 4 transfer

Everyday is different.  I was called in to see an owner of a company today, based in Cotham/Clifton in Bristol, UK with some email and phone issues.  I needed to transfer his phone contacts from an old Nokia handset, to the PC and onto a brand new iPhone 4.

Quite a challenge.  I used one of the leads I always carry, downloaded the software from Nokia (PC Suite) and was able to transfer the contacts out into a text file.  Some fancy importing into Excel, followed by some editing (data cleansing) and I had a file I could use.

iPhone 4 was happy to use the Windows Contact program, so I imported the contacts into this program, and loaded up iTunes to finally synchronise the iPhone.  I had all his email addresses working on his phone in no time at all, and then helped with tranferring some music.

If anyone needs iPhone training or help, please give me call.

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