HP Bios Locked SBS 2011 DVD

We’re installing SBS 2011 for a client, and straight away ran into a few issues.

(1)  The keyboards we were using on the workbench didn’t work, but luckily the USB keyboard that came the server did.

(2)  We booted off the HP DVD, and it had a strange “cannot locate hpbiosmedia” error or something similar.  The SBS 2011 DVD would not boot, and this was verified by putting it into a PC.

Anything who has used HP servers knows that you normally put the HP DVD in first, and it runs up the Navigator, asked you which OS you intend to install and then guides you through the whole process.

We start downloading 2011 from the Microsoft Site, but it is over 6Gb is size.

(4)  Just to try something, I boot the server with two DVD Drives, one DVD in each.  I connect up a USB DVD drive with the HP software and put SBS 2011 DVD into the server’s built in DVD Drive.  The system booted and started installing!?!?

So you’ll need two DVD drives to work this installation, unless of course you have (what we nearly downloaded) a bootable ISO installation!!  No instructions, no decent message. Rant over, but why is it so hard?

Anyway, server is now well on it’s way to being installed.  It also needed the storage raid driver, which I thought would have come from the HP dvd, but I got it from HP.com and put it onto a memory stick.

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