Easy Way to Speed up your PC

BCS offer this simple, yet excellent idea to speed up your desktop PC or  laptop.  It is all based around a Solid State Drive or SSD.  You can now get SSDs that are 480Gb, for not a huge amount of money.  We can source this for you, or you can purchase it yourself.  You can get away with a smaller drive – but you’ll need move your music and photos off to make it will all fit for the process……

(1)  We make sure your “C: Drive” disk usage is less than the 480Gb (or size you choose for your SSD)

(2)  BCS engineers will take an image of your C: Drive.  It is like a photograph backup of it.

(3)  We then fit your new drive, take the image and restore it, entirely.

(4)  We make sure the system boots from your new SSD drive – leaving you to format your old drive and use it as storage.

The speed difference in booting up or running programs is extreme.

Typical costs?  £70-£90 or so for the labour, depending on disk space used etc.  The SSD ranges from £120 or so for a 120Gb upto £240 for a 480Gb.

The primary difference between SSDs and Hard Drives is moving parts; SSDs have none. A hard drive is a mechanical device with spinning platters and read/write heads moving over them, sort of like a mixing desk for a DJ. The heads must move over the appropriate area of the platter while they’re spinning to access data. The platters might have to spin around a few times in order for the read/write heads to access all the data.

An SSD is flash memory i.e. solid state memory. Data access is instant.  There is no waiting for platters to spin around.

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