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Custom PCs Built Services

Custom built PCs are again popular. If you are going to have something setup in your bedroom or lounge - why not have something you like the look of. BCS can build a PC to your individual tastes. There are now cases out there tailored just for the girls. If this is of interest, please get in contact. These PCs would make an excellent gift. These are some samples:

ATX Black Case with Red Flowers
ATX Pink Flowers and White Case
ATX Black Case with White Flowers
ATX Pink Fronted Case

We will build these PCs exactly to your specification. Call us for advice but the decisions are:

Which Processor?
How much ram?
What size hard drive?
Which graphics card?

These specifications will vary, depending on whether it's a games machine or if it is for iTunes and Facebook!

We can also supply mice and keyboards designed within the colour schemes and themes.


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