Shredding data before you give your PC away…

Your old PC was full of your data.  Maybe you had all your family photos, a copy of your passport that you scanned in when you bought your flat?  You might have an excel file with your pension details?  List goes on.

So when it comes round to getting a new laptop or desktop, you might want to give your old one away.  A family member/friend or perhaps a charity could benefit.  You delete all your files – OR HAVE YOU?  There are many methods of reading a drive and recovering the data.  Only the criminals are really interested – but with some key information, they could make your life very complicated.  It might even cost you some money.

One service we offer is to move you from one PC to another.  When you are happy that you have all your data – we can SHRED the remaining drive/space so that nothing can be got back.  If they scan your system – nothing, it’s been written over.

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