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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.

Seagate Green Drives and Slow Dell PCs

Are you living with a computer with terrible performance issues? I have had a spate of such problems with fairly new PCs. Various Dell PCs have been sold to clients with the main (and only) boot drive as the Seagate … Continue reading

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Still Using Office 2013 of Office 2016?

Microsoft announced in 2017 that it would no longer support Office 2013. All critical updates for 2013 products ended April 10, 2018.  Please upgrade to the newer versions of Office. Bristol Computer Support recommend going for Office 365 Standard, where … Continue reading

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Password Manager

Why not use a password manager such as Dashlane. A really good tool, it helps keep your passwords strong, different and protected while allowing you easy access to the systems you need. It will even let you know if your passwords/systems … Continue reading

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Really Annoyed – Scammer has targeted my client!

One of my clients, based in Bristol, is in his 80s. He was having some issues with TalkTalk – the line wasn’t so good or something. About the same time, a call came in, claiming to be from TalkTalk. They … Continue reading

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Shredding data before you give your PC away… Your old PC was full of your data.  Maybe you had all your family photos, a copy of your passport that you scanned in when you bought your flat?  You might have an excel file with your pension details?  … Continue reading

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Sony Bravia TV

Helped a client recently with a TV issue. The Sony Bravia was setup using WiFi, but the iPlayer was forever pausing and stuttering on playback.  The router was close, just one wall away.  First thing, we hard wired the TV … Continue reading

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Office365 SMTP Settings

Office365 SMTP Settings My company uses Office 365 for many things, but mainly email.  We, and many clients use other software, such as Encore for Estate Agents, accounts packages, marketing databases etc.  I use QuickFile for accounts.  We want to … Continue reading

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WordPress forms going into Junk or Spam folders

We’re not website designers or programmers, but we do understand emails systems and the anti spam systems that are now needed.  There is a lot of spam out there, some just marketing, and some nasty and carrying fraudulent We have … Continue reading

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Dropbox app not connecting to sync your files

Hi All, If you use Dropbox and Eset Security products, you might have noticed it has stopped working and files are no longer syncing – something about cannot make a connection using SSL or something. Run this update from the … Continue reading

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Phishing email – sent to me today!

Hi Everyone, I have just received a classic phishing type email.  The hacker has worked out or guessed that I use Office 365 for my email, and they have generated the email and text below.  The actual email looks like … Continue reading

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