Seagate Green Drives and Slow Dell PCs

Are you living with a computer with terrible performance issues? I have had a spate of such problems with fairly new PCs. Various Dell PCs have been sold to clients with the main (and only) boot drive as the Seagate Barracuda Green drive. The advice I have read is:

“Don’t use ‘green’ drives as your OS drive. They’re designed for slow long-term storage, not to act as your primary drive. In particular with the WD Green drives, they have a very short head parking timeout, which will cause stutters and micro-freezes if you use it as the OS drive.”

This is exactly what is happening my the Dell PCs (and others). At Bristol Computer Support, we have quickly duplicated the image of the Green Drive onto a Solid State Drive. The end performance is far increased. We’ve got special tools and software that will change sizes of partitions, and allow us transfer the exact image of your slow drive to a rapid Solid State Drive.

I also have left over a stack of barely used Green 1Tb drives!

Don’t put up with the slowness, get in contact and we can help.
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