HP Pavilion 14-dv1629sa Notebook / Laptop Install – no drive showing to install windows onto…..

So this is a Windows 11 based laptop, purchased from Curry’s, 2022.

The job was to reinstall the whole thing. The login credentials were lost (no is wasn’t stolen) and to get the PC working again we needed to reinstall the whole laptop.

Problem: We need a driver to load, so that we can see the 512Gb SSD.

Problem: The model number and serial number, after using a magnifying glass to see, DOES NOT EXIST on the HP Website. The serial number references for than one product (HP says) and the model number just takes me to a specification document page. Useless.

Put your Windows 11 Boot USB into your working PC.

Download the zip file from here:


Copy the contents to your Boot USB. I created a folder for it.

Boot the PC using the Escape Key, and choosing the Boot menu, select your USB stick. When asked, browse to your driver folder and load the driver. You can now see the SSD, and can install Windows 11.

I suspect it is because the model number is generated specific to Curry’s, but I am still annoyed I could not just use the HP website to get the drivers I needed.

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