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Increasingly I am seeing customers that are paying for several types of cloud storage, but really only need purchase one of them. Over a period of time, they just built up (the common reason I am told). Every provider seems to want to sell you their storage system, and they always offer a small amount of storage “for free” before asking you to pay for the full version! It’s so easy to click yes, rather than lose data!

Most people are now buying Office 365 Personal, Family or Business subscriptions (annually or monthly). We love to setup the Business 365 systems here at BCS. These allow you to install and run a local copy of Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access). Did you know that Office 365 also comes with 1024Gb of OneDrive?

OneDrive can backup your desktop, documents and pictures folders automatically. Anything you save into the OneDrive folders can be uploaded and therefore available on the cloud.

If have Office 365, and you want to save money, install OneDrive, log it in, and use it to store the bulk of your data. You can keep the other systems, but don’t pay for them. Put it on your phone, and with the correct options, it can synch your photos too.

So if you are paying for more than one cloud storage, think about reshuffling and questioning whether you should. Always make sure you export the data out to a computer, and upload to the service you want to pay for, before cancelling the old one! Don’t lose data (contact us for support if you need help).

DropBox – one the most popular, great for sharing family photos. There is a business version too. Can be used to synch photos from your phone to your DropBox.

iCloud – sold to many clients who had an Apple device at some point. It used to be handy at synching photos, calendar and contacts. If you use gmail,, hotmail then those systems can keep everything. Maybe to don’t need this anymore.

Google Drive – Google’s version, allows editing to be done in the cloud.

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