External WiFI – weatherproof / waterproof antenna and access point.

BCS also specialise in outdoor solutions for WiFi.  One of our clients, a property developer, owns a group of properties situated around a main campus.  One of the buildings is a holiday cottage across the road from a main building.

We’ve developed a solution to give that building low cost WiFi.  We are going to connect an external WiFi antenna/access point to give the cottage access to the WiFi network, without having to pay for a monthly phone line or an ADSL connection.

The cable is weather proof, being external Cat5, and the access point is a sealed Power Over Ethernet device, so is powered from the main office.

If you need this kind of solution, please call to discuss….Matt Clark 07966 497090.

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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.
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