Intel i3 Generation 8 Based PCs, towers and desktops.

Bristol Computer Support are now building custom PCs based on the new Generation 8 i3 CPUs.  The main differences are that the CPU is Quad core, rather than dual core as it was in the Generation 7 range, plus the generation performance of the chip range in the motherboards etc.

Many manufacturers are still shipping Generation 7 CPUs.  You can tell the difference in the model of the CPU.  It will read “Intel i3 700x” etc.  Is it worth getting the older generation?  If you are looking for performance, probably not.

The motherboards for the new generation 8 CPUs are twice as expensive – so there will be a price increase to get the new hardware.  Typical gen 7 boards were starting at about £40-£50, gen 8 are £80-£90 entry level.

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