WiFi for home, advanced home or business

We offer various types of WiFi system…

A simple system of powerline and access point to extend your WiFi and take the load off of your main router.  Very low cost, but effective.  Downside is very few if any logs, and separate WiFi zones.

The next level is a full Mesh based system.  As many devices as you need to flood your larger house, or small office, with a single WiFi zone, rather than lots of small ones.  Guest access and some limited statistics of usage.  Currently we are installing Deco from TP-Link – it’s reliable and well priced.

The next one, really aimed at the Office, or a premium solution for a house, is Unifi from Ubiquiti.  A fully managed Mesh type system, with so many statistics we can give active feedback on your usage. down to device level.  There is full control, throttling of devices, threat management.  It’s the most expensive system, but gives you full control over your network and internet usage.

  • Mesh, each device adds to the network.  The system can automatically manage the strength and channels to make your network effective.


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