Spam email from someone I know…

A client just called me to say she had received an email from her husband, and was wandering how that was possible…he’s been dead for over 3 years.

Spammer systems are programs or “robots” as they call them.  These programs are able to “pretend” to be an email address, and they cleverly send the email to associated emails.  Have you or one of your contacts ever forwarded one of the those emails ending with “send to 100 of your friends, or have 7 years bad luck” etc?  These are just the kind of emails a spammer is looking for – perfect for this kind of scam.

So it’s probably not personal, it’s a clever computer program trying to trap you into clicking on a link or an attachment.  Not a lot you can really do about it, as this kind of attack tends to go through the spam protection systems, which is why the spammers do it.

Matt, BCS Engineer.

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