Cyrus Lyric Music Player

The dreaded salesman strikes.

Just been on a call where I’m told the WiFi doesn’t reach a room.  I arrive on site, and that is not the issue at all…

There is a wonderful looking device called “a Cyrus Lyric 9”.  I connect the unit to the WiFi using the power-line connectors the client has already bought, and I prove the unit is now on the internet – it plays all the wonderful Internet Radio channels.

That’s not what the client was interested in.  He wants to play his iTunes and Spotify through this device – with no wires!  The manual advises you to copy all your files to a NAS drive or a USB drive – great in theory.  Normally iTunes has encrypted them because they are purchased through iTunes!

To play any music from his iMac, we have to download and install a 3rd party bit of software that makes the iMac into an uPnP server.  It still won’t play Spotify unless an iPad is plugged into it.  £1500 and the system does not do what my client needs it to do.

For lest than £50, I recommended a solution for the client to connect in a simple Bluetooth music device into his existing excellent Hi-Fi system, and from there he can play whatever his iPad plays.  He’s got to have his Spotify app installed, and his music on his iPad, but he can hold the iPad and choose his music without getting up!

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