Laptop slow? We can speed it up, solid state drive installation

Most new laptop prices seem to have gone through the roof.  It seems to be related to Brexit and Covid.  It’s a bitter pill to pay, but there is an alternative solution.

Your current laptop may last 2 more years if it was just a bit quicker.  The best way is for Bristol Computer Support to replace your hard drive for a Solid State Drive.  We can fit 240Gb unto 960Gb solid states drives (SSDs) and we can duplicate your existing Windows installation.  Where possible we take an exact image of your disk drive, and write it onto the new SSD.

240Gb to 960Gb are reasonably priced.

For more information on SSDs, Intel below have written an excellent document.

Quote.  An image of the older drive, supply, fit and re-image to the new drive 240Gb recently cost £130 plus VAT.  The laptop was delivered to us.

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