Working From Home – Cybercriminals wet dream!

Cybercriminals must be enjoying these times! So many people are now working from home, probably on their own laptop or desktop. IF THESE DEVICES WERE in the office, the IT department would be making sure all the patches were applied, security kept up-to-date and renewed, admin access secured away. Of course the office would be hidden behind business grade firewalls, and security systems. Fraudsters would also get stuck trying to ring in, as no doubt reception would intercept the calls.

We can make it difficult for them. Make sure your network access is secure, with a good WiFi password. Make sure the router is up-to-date. Make your Windows or Mac passwords are strong and never give them out to anyone. Indeed, make sure all your passwords are strong and different. The modern way now is long passwords, that do not change, so that you do not fall for phishing emails.

Check that your PC or Mac (or Chromebook) is fully patched and running the newest version. Yes, of course sometimes the companies roll out a bad update, but most of these updates are to combat some vulnerability that a hacker has found in the code.
Check that your security software is good enough. Too much? We can of course help with all this.

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