Phishing email – sent to me today!

Hi Everyone,

I have just received a classic phishing type email.  The hacker has worked out or guessed that I use Office 365 for my email, and they have generated the email and text below.  The actual email looks like it might be legitimate.  IT IS NOT.

They have the threat to make you “act now”, the colours and buttons similar to Microsoft, trying to disguise itself as a good email.  But take a closer view:

(1)  I have set my passwords to never expire
(2)  When I hover my mouse over any of the links – they are not from Microsoft
(3)  Who is  It’s near the bottom of the email
(4)  “Password” is typed passw ord”

Even it was a good email, NEVER click on any of it.
Goto the website of the system you want to check, based on the actual website service, nothing from the email you received.  Login there as normal.  If they was any kind of action you need to carry out, the provider will let you know.

This is the text of the mail (I have not copied the links so that I do not promote their attack).

Hi matthew.clark,
You have a high severity alert on your account, pass word for your account is set to expire Tuesday, November 24, 2020.
You can change or keep same passw ord in the security portal or through button below.
Reference ID- 9IXU-11183921
Severity- High

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