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20 years, Computer Engineer. Bsc Hons Computer Science, Durham Uni.

Did you upgrade to Windows 10?

Many of my clients took advantage of the free upgrade to Windows 10.  The problem is no-one seems to have created any “backup” media to help reinstall the PC if/when the hard drive fails or Windows needs to be reinstalled. … Continue reading

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Why not have Two Screens Setup?

Why not let Bristol Computer Support set you up with 2 screens?  Most PCs already have the capability, and even if your PC does not – a cheap addon graphics card will resolve that problem! (1)  It’s low cost, a … Continue reading

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Cyrus Lyric Music Player

The dreaded salesman strikes. Just been on a call where I’m told the WiFi doesn’t reach a room.  I arrive on site, and that is not the issue at all… There is a wonderful looking device called “a Cyrus Lyric … Continue reading

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Spam email from someone I know…

A client just called me to say she had received an email from her husband, and was wandering how that was possible…he’s been dead for over 3 years. Spammer systems are programs or “robots” as they call them.  These programs … Continue reading

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Office 365

If you’re sick of deleting the same email on your phone, tablet and PC, then have a look at Office 365. I’ve signed up 10 small businesses over the last year, for as little as £3.10 per mailbox per month. … Continue reading

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Windows 10 – Evaluation

We’re just installing the new Windows 10 evaluation.  It was an easy download from Microsoft.  We chose the ISO image option, which we simply burnt to a DVD blank disk. It looks pretty good.  The key thing is the start … Continue reading

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Islander Kayak

Many thanks to Bob Slee.  I just had a great tour of the factory that makes the Islander Kayaks. Based in Clevedon, Palm Equipment International create all kinds of kayaks, on site in a large factory.  “Bob the Builder” Bob … Continue reading

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External WiFI – weatherproof / waterproof antenna and access point.

BCS also specialise in outdoor solutions for WiFi.  One of our clients, a property developer, owns a group of properties situated around a main campus.  One of the buildings is a holiday cottage across the road from a main building. … Continue reading

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Microsoft Quotes – can’t see where to get a quote going?

If you’re struggling to find your login to generate a partner quote or to carry out general admin on your account, then the URL below take you there. Login with you first account, the account. Tweet This Post

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Invoices attached as word documents

We’ve had a surge of PCs being infected by people clicking on “word document” invoices.  These invoices have come from email addresses that are new to the person, but if you think about, you are just as likely to get … Continue reading

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